Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Georgia's "Red"

What's Georgia's colors?

Red and Black, you'd immediately answer, probably with a sneer or at least a rolling of the eyes at a journalism professor incapable of remembering such a basic school factoid or at least the name of the student newspaper. But you see, there's red, and then there's red. According to one site that compiles all the school colors from around the country, UGA's red is technically #DA291C (if you're fluent in the good old hex color chart). That's fine except the UGA marketing folks insist on this official page that it's #BA0C2F. The UGA version of the code is a tad darker and richer than the one offered by the site that compiles all team colors. Below I provide them again on bold face to emphasize the differences.

UGA's RED | Online Site's UGA RED

So you can see, in some browsers, it's kinda obvious. Oh, and Alabama's "crimson" is slightly different at #990000, which is actually quite a generic red. I thought they'd tweak it a bit, but apparently not.

Just think of the fun we can have distinguishing among the various oranges of Auburn, Tennessee, etc. OK, it's not that much fun, about as much fun as watching Fun with Flags, so I'm not gonna do it.


Wade said...

Actually, the University of Georgia has TWO reds: PMS 200 red for academic purposes and PMS 485 red for athletic, why I will never know. I believe the red you got from the University site is matching the 200 and the red you got from the other site is matching the athletic.

Hollander said...

That's interesting. I wonder why. Suppose I'll have to ask now.