Thursday, August 24, 2017

Me vs Google

For years I've pestered Google about a problem with its map, mainly because I have far too much time on my hands, but also because I live on the street that Google Maps refuses to correctly name.

So below, here's how Google Maps shows the intersection of Whit Davis Road and Pettit Lane on Athens scenic eastside. You see Google insists it's Pettits Lane (you may have to click on the image to see it well).

Google can't be wrong, right? Of course not, unless of course you use street view on Google Maps and see the following with the street sign, via street view, spelling the name correctly.

Still using Google Maps, here's another bit of evidence below. The lake is spelled correctly on Google Maps, but the street is not. So Pettits Lane leads to Pettit Lake.

Why do I care? I live on Greenbrier Way, the first left after you get onto PETTIT LANE. So multiple times a day I see the correct street spelling and every time I'm home and load Google Maps I see the incorrect street spelling, and this kind of stuff drives me batty.

So, maybe the street sign is wrong?

If you look at the Athens-Clarke County online property rolls, it's clearly Pettit Lane. See below.

There is no Pettits Lane. Except, as far as Zillow is concerned, it's PETTITS LANE. So let's look up that first address listed above via the black magic of Zillow.

So in some databases it's Pettits, but as far as the city-county is concerned, it's Pettit. So let's try one more test and use something I rarely use, Bing Maps.

Turns out, Bing > Google

What's this all mean? That maybe I need something better to do with my time, and yes I've used Google Map's report feature to ask them to fix the street name, but nothing. Nada. I figured by including the Bing Map it may embarrass them enough to do something about it.

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