Tuesday, September 5, 2017

UGA vs Notre Dame

The Dawgs play the Irish this Saturday. Notre Dame is a hair under a touchdown favorite, last I looked. So how else do the schools match up? We'll hear or read sportspouters saying this is a clash of traditions and so on, but is it really?

Movies Made About the Football Team

Notre Dame: 2
UGA: 0

(if you don't tear up at the end of Rudy, check yourself for a pulse)

National Football Championships (shared or solo)

Notre Dame: 11 (consensus, 8 more some mention)
UGA:  5 (claimed, consensus? Not sure)

It gets messy, those earlier "championships"

USNWR Rankings National Universities

Notre Dame is #15
UGA is #56

Admissions Selectivity

Notre Dame: most selective
UGA: more selective (most is higher than more)

Student to Faculty Ratio

Notre Dame 10:1
UGA 18:1

Best Mascot

Notre Dame:  Creepy green guy, not even close
UGA:  Damn good dog, yes by a landslide

Tuition and Fees (by one site)

Notre Dame:  $49,685
UGA:  $11,634 (in state)

Student Brainpower (this site)

Notre Dame, tied for #11
UGA, tied for #153 (let that sink in a bit)


Notre Dame: It's in Indiana. Lose
UGA: It's not in Indiana. Win


Notre Dame: Catholic (win)
UGA (not, so lose)

(Yeah, I'm Catholic. It's my blog, so pffffft.)

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