Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not Much UGA Giving

I decided for the fun of it to check the campaign contribution data on people who listed the University of Georgia (where I teach) as their employer. Not a lot to report. I kept the search from 1/1/2015 until today, to keep it reasonable, and below I'll report only the interesting stuff. I've left out the names.
  • A political science professor likes to give to a PAC that supports Hillary Clinton. It's the only "soft money" contribution listed in the time frame from UGA, all of $300.
  • Offsetting the above, a biochemistry and molecular biology professor really likes to give to the Republican National Committee with 11 $200 donations.
  •  There are a couple of direct Hillary Clinton donations (a hefty one from a philosophy prof), none for Sen. Bernie Sanders, and no donations I can see directly to any of the Republicans vying for their party's nomination.
  • Except, someone gave $2,700 to Scott Walker, who dropped out ages ago (way to pick 'em). Although this person lists his employer at UGA, I can't find him listed. Turns out he's on the UGA Foundation board and has a firm in Atlanta -- so UGA is hardly his employer. 
I'll return to this when we get down to a Democrat and Republican nominee (and perhaps a third party candidate as well) and at that time I'll name names and break it down more.

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