Friday, February 26, 2016

UGA Transportation Survey

In my email inbox today was an email from UGA's parking folks. The first awful graph is this:
The Office of University Architects has contracted with Atlanta-based firm, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., to assist in a Campus Corridors Transportation Study for several distinct areas of campus that are experiencing challenges in pedestrian and vehicular circulation or are anticipated to see an increase in growth in the coming years.
Oh my. Who wrote that? Is it vital you open with all those proper nouns instead of, oh, getting to the friggin point?

OK, lemme take off my writer hat and put on my survey hat, because later in the email it tells (warns) us:

Stakeholder and campus community involvement activities are scheduled for March 15th, 16th, and 17th.  In advance of these activities, we’d like to gather campus feedback about both general transportation choices and specific issues related to the study area. Take the survey online at this link:
Jeez I hateve the word stakeholder. Can someone for God's sake put a stake through the heart of that word and make it go away? Please? Oh, wait. Sorry. Still had my writer hat on. My survey hat says let's take a look at this survey. Here's the first of it below.

How old are you? And I have to give the exact age, and type it in? I'm gonna show this to my graduate Public Opinion class next and see if they see how badly that's formatted. If no one gets it, they're all failed.

Later they ask you what are the worst bus stops with congestion and gives three locations, none of which are the worst. The worst, by far, is near Joe Frank Harris on East Campus, but that's not among the three listed. WTF?

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