Thursday, February 25, 2016

Survey Says ...

So here's the hed: Low safety rates for UGA students in Athens

Except it's not safety, it's based on an SGA survey asking students about safety. You can see it yourself in this news story, complete with a couple of graphics breaking down the differences in perceived safety on campus, and in Athens. 

It's a good story idea. And it's an example of how not to do a poll story.

Here's what we don't know:

  • Do the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (we call these "response alternatives" in the survey biz) reflect anything? Was a 5 "very safe" and a 1 "not safe at all"? Need context. Indeed, I'd need to look at the whole questionnaire, because I worry too about question order. In a real survey, you'd randomize the order of these two questions. If not, one response could affect the other.
  • And this lede: "A survey from Student Government Association rated off-campus safety 3 out of 5." What the hell is a 3 out of 5? I'm staring at that graphic, and I still don't get it. Three out of five? If you compute a mean score of all the survey questions, you do get a 2.9 (round to 3) for that question. If you're curious, the mean for the "on camps" question is 3.8. But I had to do this by hand. And I shouldn't have.
  • How was this survey done? Yeah, I see there were 334 responses, but to what, people hanging out in Tate Plaza annoying hungry students? An online poll? A random sample, or a convenience sample or, even worse, a SLOP? This matters, and journalists are supposed to ask these questions about polls and make this information available. 

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