Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Poll About ... Condiments?

So I'm innocently reading Twitter, minding my own public opinion scholarly business, and I see this tweet from my nearby major metro paper:
A poll? About condiments? Really?

So I go to the page to see my "response alternatives," which is pubopspeak for the choices given to me in a poll. They are:

Hot Sauce

Which seems a likely enough list. Me being me, I voted for hot sauce (Cajun wife) and discovered readers of the poll are clearly misinformed about their own favorite condiments, at least so far. See to the left the results when I voted, one of 132 people and one of 20 who got it right.

Now, what can we make of this? Nothing at all, of course. It's a silly poll, just for fun, filled out by people with an odd affection for mayonnaise. Such silly online polls are fine if they're not taken seriously, not used to drive a news story.

But mayo? Really? Sheesh.

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