Monday, February 1, 2016

Our VP

UGA has a VP now called of "marketing and communications." Read about her here. When you're the head of all that is info at a big university, it's interesting to know who you follow, and who follows you, on something like Twitter. Social media is everything these days, after all.

So ... here it is.

  • She follows 55. Mostly other schools, a few journalists, a few news orgs. Makes sense.
  • She's followed by 19, mostly ... um ... Exotic Truffle? Some consultant types, some other folks, and the all-important FreshmanInsiderUGA (an SGA thing? Not sure). Odds are no one knows she's out there, so she's not followed all that much.
  • And she has three likes, though I can only see two. One is Vandy in the snow, her alma mater.
  • And if she's tweeting, I can't tell from her main page because, in full disclosure and full marketing and full communications, it's not public. Plus she has that default image thing going.
These are the things I do while waiting for my ride to show.

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