Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Travel at UGA

An interesting aspect to the 2014 UGA salary data is a column of data on how much was spent on travel by each employee. So who gets the most travel money? The results make sense. I'm going to save myself some time here and not name names, but I did look the top five up to make sure of who they are.

1. A College of Ag and Environmental Science professor, $48.989.84 in travel. No surprise there. Probably grant-funded travel.

2. A research assistant/technician, $40,161.30 in travel. Best I can tell, this person is part of a big grant and the job is to collect data. Get this -- the salary for this person is almost half of the travel money received ($26,720).

3. Another professor, this one in physics, at $37,416.26. Maybe the person travels to other planets.

4. A head of a major place on campus (how's that for vague), and the travel in this case makes perfectly good sense, $36,335.01. If I named the place, it could only be one person.

5. A "public service professional" who received $36,097.31 in travel money. Huh? It makes sense if you look at it, a person who focuses on outreach and training off campus nearly most of the year.

The lowest travel money? Someone had $3.28 in travel. A few people had five bucks. A grad assistant had $9.93.A sandwich, maybe?

And in case you're wondering, there's a pretty good correlation between how much you make (salary) and how much travel money ya get. For you statistically minded out there, it's r = .46. That's a pretty good correlation (1.0 or -1.0 would be perfect, 0.0 would be no relationship).

Yeah yeah, but what was the total of all travel money? Glad you asked. Excel tells me, and this can't be right, more than 15 million bucks was spent on travel last year. Weird. That's gotta be wrong. I've tried the formula two different ways and I get the same unbelievable number. In fairness we're talking 6,842 different people at UGA who received at least some travel money (a whole bunch are zero). If you take all the people who got at least some travel money, the average for 2014 is $2,291.51. I find this amusing, by the way. We're lucky at Grady to scare up $1,000 a year in travel money to present research, etc. Well, some get a lot more. Squeaky wheels, mostly. That's a whole different post.

And yes, I have the names for everyone. I'm just in a rare nice mood. If you really want the names, lemme know. I do also plan on updating this with a deeper dive into the data. Just trying to get ready for class at the same time.


What titles have the average highest travel money? No surprises here, really. It's all about the suits, all about the admins. Money truly does trickle downhill.

1. Deans ($12,090)
2. Vice Presidents ($10,189)
3. Department Heads ($6,216)
4. Assoc/Assist. Deans ($5,863)
5. Directors of Units ($5,037)
6. Alumni Relations ($5,010)
7. Assoc/Asst Dept. Head ($4,465)
8. Assoc/Asst Director ($3,937)
9. Assoc/Asst Provost ($3,616)
10. Professor (finally, dammit, $3,461)

Oh, and I love #22, categorized as "former employee" at an average of $2,257, about double what I get as a current employee in travel money.

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