Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Salaries at UGA

I always find salaries good for potential stories, and just plain fun to mess around with. There's this pdf that includes all of UGA's (where I teach) codes for various jobs and the minimum and maximum salaries. Me being me, I turned this into an Excel spreadsheet and started playing. A first blush:

Highest "Minimum" Salary

This is $91,800 for something called "senior licensing manager II."  The maximum this person can make is $207,000. What a burden. Next is "senior associate CIO and tech officer" at $85,000.This unlucky person's maximum is $195,500.

Lowest "Minimum" Salary

This is tougher to do. there are several at $15,138 annually (county secretary, camp counselor, laboratory helper, etc.). Oddly, this also includes "mental health professional" and "TV account executive." Weird.

Mind the Gap

Looking at the gap between the lowest or minimum salary versus the ""annual entry maximum" is simply seeing how low a salary you could have against how much you can possibly make just starting out in the same job class. Our friend the CIO person mentioned above has the biggest gap. The lowest you could make in that job is $85,000, but the most you could make just starting out is $127,500, for a $42,500 difference. Next biggest gap is for IT executive director ($39,625). Some of the gaps are small by comparison, as you'd expect -- $3,413 for lots of different jobs, many similar to those listed above under "minimum" salary. That's your "wiggle room" when negotiating for a salary, I suppose.

I could of course find the actual people who hold those titles and see what they actually make. It'd be interesting to see how many at UGA are near the maximum of their specific job title and class code.

Of course salaries are also depressing. For example, I'm a full professor, yet I make significantly less than all the assistant professors in the business school. WTF.

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