Thursday, May 6, 2010

Socialism, Capitalism, and other Words

Socialism isn't so bad and capitalism isn't so good, at least not as much as you'd think, according to a new Pew Center poll.

The lede:
"Socialism" is a negative for most Americans, but certainly not all Americans. "Capitalism" is regarded positively by a majority of public, though it is a thin majority. Among certain segments of the public -- notably, young people and Democrats -- both "isms" are rated about equally. And while most Americans have a negative reaction to the word "militia," the term is viewed more positively by Republican men than most other groups.
See the table below or check out the report.  As the table shows, they looked at a lot of words to judge reactions and there's an interesting socio-demographic table looking at reactions to certain words, like militia.  I'd love to see a table on Fox News vs. Other News consumption but those data are not available in this survey.  Ah well.

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