Wednesday, September 2, 2009

People Know -- That They're Confused

A new CBS News poll finds that two-thirds of Americans are confused about the whole health care debate.  A pdf of the entire poll is here.

No doubt the screaming in town halls, the wailing of talk radio hosts, and the frothing by Fox News guys has generated some of the confusion -- as has the inability of the Obama Administration or Congress to explain this in a clear, coherent manner.  Still, more people (49 percent) think the town hall protesters do not reflect the views of most Americans.  Forty-one percent think they do.  The breakdown falls along unsurprising partisan lines, there are just more people identifying themselves as Dems today than GOPers. 

And folks kinda blame Obama.  Three out of five Americans think he's not done a good job explaining all health care reform.  His overall approval ratings have also dropped.  A lot.  He's gone from a high of 77 to 55 in approval, according to this site.  He's also as low as 51 percent, according to the same site, different page.


eeehart said...

What do you think about this? Isn’t it the news media’s job to explain all sides of the “political garble”. How interesting is it that Americans find it as a failing of Obama to explain and not news organizations? Is it really that complicated that we can’t break it down? OR is it that people just aren’t paying that much attention because most people are media illiterate. Scarier still, are these statistics explaining how America has rationalized their lack of concern/attention/care as Obama’s fault?

Hollander said...

I think all the emotion of the town halls, and the confusion, became such cable news fodder that any reasoned discussion -- and there was plenty of it in the news -- got lost in the noise.

Emotion trumps -- positive to a degree, but negative always.