Thursday, September 3, 2009

What My Congressman Knows

This is what my congressman knows:
  • Barack Obama is a fascist
  • Obama is creating a national police force
  • Obama can be compared to both Hitler and the commies
  • The use of "czars" on policy topics has deeper, scary meaning
  • Aliens are living among us, but Men In Black will keep us safe.
Okay, the last one I made up -- kinda like most everything U.S. Rep. Paul Broun says -- and you can read more here about this nutjob's rants.  Or you can listen to the audio (small children and sensitive pets should leave the room).

I'm no liberal, more of a radical moderate who dislikes both sides equally, but this guy gives conservatism beyond a bad name -- it sends it out to where the black, unmarked helicopters fly.

It's rare I hijack my what people know blog for partisan venting.  And what's scarier is there are many people out there (10-20 percent) who actually believe this stuff.  Another case of partisan ranting that gets in the way of reasoned policy debate.

Added stuff:

For a thoughtful analysis of media miscoverage of the town halls, read this.  If anyone thinks the news media, especially TV, plays into Obama's hands, then think it through.  Over-coverage of town hall screamers energized those opposed to the Democrat plans to overhaul health care.  The TV guys played into Republican hands.


bethany said...

I hear you. I disagree with all conservatives, but respect the ones who make actual arguments. Paul Broun is embarrassing.

Hollander said...

I think the Banner-Herald should assign a reporter to the Paul Broun beat. He's far too much fun to not cover every day.