Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama Don't Like Old People?

I was picking my kids up at school yesterday afternoon and listening to Sean Hannity on his talk radio show discuss the H1N1 (swine flu).  His message?  Obama is out to kill old people.  Why?  That's not clear, but because the priority list for swine flu vaccinations has older Americans at the end of the line, not the beginning, it's all part of some evil plot to kill off old people.  Evidence, it seems, of death panels.

What Hannity failed to include is people born before 1957 have some natural immunity to the swine flu (dammit, I was born in '58).  He also conveniently failed to mention that younger people are more susceptible to the symptoms of this version of the flu than are older people (which he incorrectly suggested was the same as the regular seasonal flu -- science geek, he's not).

In other words, what people know from listening to Hannity's radio show is Obama Hates Old People.

This could be a rap song, kinda like George Bush Don't Like Black People.  Hannity was misleading (at best) and intellectually dishonest (without a doubt).  And speaking of rap and talk radio, a fascinating piece here that compares one to the other.  Wish I'd written it because it's an interesting analogy.  Lots in common that I'd never thought of before -- and I do research on talk radio.

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