Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

For the price of a single visit, multiple bits of information below that -- more or less -- can be related to what people know.
  • Accountability journalism is at risk, says speaker at Harvard's Shorenstein Center.  One consequence is that many smaller towns risk sinking "into casual endemic civic corruption" as public officials are no longer held accountable by journalists.
  • Thursday is National Punctuation Day, so says the Chicago Trib in this piece.  I. Am. Excited.   And I should probably include some "unnecessary quotations."
  • Newspapers don't want a bailout.  In related news, journalism schools still popular.  Go figure.
  • Brilliant piece in The Atlantic about how some stories show up on TV at the same time, fed by political spindoctors and hucksters and hacks.  I read it in the paper version of the mag, which I get at home, making me morally superior to all who read it online. Or at least help paying the bills for good journalism.

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