Monday, September 21, 2009

Rats vs Health Care

Sigh.  The top blog story of last week?  Health care, you might think.  "You Lie!" screamed by some obnoxious congressman in need of a good spanking?

Nope.  A giant rat.

The graphic to the right says it all, from the Pew Center's count of the blogosphere (above) and the evil mainstream press (below).  Go here for the report.

Again, sigh.  Blogs are gonna replace news?  Can culture death be far behind?

Even better, go further and find the Twitter Makes You Dumber controversy, which I (like a jillion others) blogged about last week. 

I now feel a member of the blogosphere, no doubt losing a precious few IQ points along the way.  I really can't spare 'em.


Nick said...

I lament the death of mainstream news as well. Hopefully the giant rat story is just winning out by volume and not by measurements of site visits or cultural importance.

Hollander said...

Hell, until I saw this graphic by the Pew people I didn't even know about the giant volcano rat story. I feel so out of touch.