Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I let the 10th anniversary of this blog slip by. The very first post was May 2, 2007, and aptly named "Yet Another Blog." Long live the blog. This space has changed over time. At first it was me writing about media research, then it started to include media in general, then it included major stories and data journalism, then it turned into pretty much whatever the hell I felt like writing at the time.

Over the years I've had serious traffic, but most days I have tens of readers worldwide. Below is a quick look at the traffic over time, the bottom showing the most popular blog posts, which happen to involve the infamous editor walkout at The Red & Black, UGA's student newspaper (links below).

For those unaware of that walkout, that generated national coverage, here are links in chronological order to my posts. Read them in that order and it'll make more sense. Those students, by the way, are out there still doing great stuff professionally.

First post
Second post
Third post

You can see in the graphic above how readership jumped during that period, then the blog levels off with some spikes here and there, depending on individual stories, often with data, usually with some local angle.

Most of the traffic here comes from Google, often people searching for research terms that often come up in my posts, like above's "cognitive mobilization," which is a popular research topic, especially in Europe, and one I did some stuff on as a grad student. A lot of folks also end up here via Twitter, mainly from me tweeting about my most recent post with a link, or it being shared. Third place goes to Facebook as I sometimes, but not often, will post what I'm writing there with a link back.

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