Friday, August 17, 2012

Is It Over? R&B III

You can find lots of discussion and coverage of the meeting today at The Red & Black.  No need for me to rehash it.  Basically, at least on the surface, the students won.  Editorial control (we think) belongs to the students.  The board member who caused most of the problems, he's gone.  From the paper, from the board.

My main disappointment?  Two stiff-backed leaders of the board read a statement, answered a question or two, and then retreated inside the air-conditioned confines of the R&B building while two important letters were read from former editors and staff of the newspaper.  How dare you.  Sit there and listen dammit, to what former R&B people have to say. 

Who?  Elliot Brack and Melita Easters.  I hope to hell they vanity search their names via Google and come across this brief post, because them walking back into the building while students had their say, that's inexcusable.  The whole thing was a PR disaster.  If the R&B has hired some marketing people, you may want to re-open your search. These people don't have a clue.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the result.  I applaud the courage of the students who stood up to the board's foolish mistakes, and I applaud the R&B alumns who supported them. 

To the students who fought and won -- good for you.  Have a beer, have several, finally get some sleep, and then get back to doing good journalism.


Charles-Ryan said...

Good to hear your perspective, Barry!

Charles-Ryan Barber

Kristi Hubert said...

Amen! I've been gone from The R&B for ( pains me to say) 17 years, but I still have a very deep appreciation for what I learned there. Watching all of this unfold has put me back in touch with former co-workers...and that's been a real treat. We feel a strong bond to the paper and to know that alumni were literally ignored is beyond disappointing. Shame on them.

I was a reporter, turned PR flack several years ago. I've got LOTS of advice for them. ;)

Congratulations to the students...well done.

ctrosecrans said...

Dr. Hollander, just wanted to say I've appreciated your perspective on this entire matter throughout.

Michael McLeod said...

Barry :: It's not over by a longshot. Should Elliot and Harry go; and the board be reformed with students and other alumni?

T said...
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T said...

ithy reporting that sticks to the facts. Now THAT'S journalism!

SER said...

I'm glad you mentioned the PR disaster this whole incident was, Dr. Hollander -- not just for the R&B but for UGA's journalism school.

The R&B clearly needs an HR department. So many of the decisions and actions were textbook examples of what happens when you don't have an HR adviser. If they don't hire one after this mess, there's a good chance it will occur again.