Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fox Gets it Wrong

The Fox News site has a Bias Alert section (insert your own joke here) and today it paid attention to MSNBC's Morning Joe and a comments from Cokie Roberts. Here's the lede:
Anyone supporting Donald Trump is “morally tainted,” ABC and NPR commentator Cokie Roberts declared Tuesday, while making no mention of possible ethical dilemmas facing backers of Hillary Clinton.
I happened to have been watching this morning when Roberts spoke, and she wasn't talking about "anyone" but the conversation was about Republican leaders and elected officials. So the bias alert is, in itself, biased.

I'm no Roberts fan, not at all. Don't think much of her insights or analyses, and mostly she regurgitates what we already know, but Fox gets is wrong here in trying to score a couple of cheap partisan points.

Work on your bias alert.

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