Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Will UGA Change Admission Policy?

Ever since a U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the limited use of race in the University of Texas admission policy, I wondered if UGA may change its system.

Apparently not. Though it's hard to say. Maybe. Or not. This story just posted in my local paper suggests no changes are gonna happen. Here's the important, or actually unimportant, graph:
“The university’s current admission decision practices and procedures enroll an academically strong and diverse class and is working well as indicated by our first-year retention rate of 95 percent,” said Jan Gleason, UGA’s executive director for strategic marketing.
God save us from friggin flacks who say things without saying anything. Lemme guess, Jan Gleason. You wrote an email response. Lemme guess, ABH, you let her get away with an email response. Our "strategic marketing" person has managed to strategically say ... nothing. In fairness, maybe she said we have no plans to change anything and the ABH managed to leave that vital tidbit out of the story. All we get is it's "working well." If you read the story, you'll find no other support for the hed, which says:
UGA won't change admissions policies to allow race as a factor
I can only assume there's other stuff, not in the story, that supports this hed. It'd be nice to have it in the story.

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