Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Hates UGA

Meant to get around to this sooner but a talk I gave today reminded me of it. If you look at the "history" of edits on UGA's Wikipedia page you'll find weird edits by someone from IP Here are a couple in which the UGA entry was changed to odd stuff, just brief lines.

You get the idea. If you look at the UGA history, you'll see the page has been "protected" a few times due to "persistent vandalism." The IP is via AT&T mobility out of Atlanta, but there's no way to know exactly where or who it is, that's just the carrier. This IP has made the two changes above, but one other time "blanked" the UGA page. In all cases it was caught, replaced, and locked for a time. It's open now.

Indeed, earlier strange edits to other pages ended with this warning:

Yes, stuff like this fascinates me. I suspect this happens to other schools as well, I just haven't taken the time to see.

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