Monday, April 4, 2016

New UGA Record (sigh)

That's right, folks, UGA has proposed a new and unfortunate record -- the earliest Fall start date ever, or at least as far back as I can find. Important point, this is for Fall 2017, not this coming Fall.

August 10. That's insane.

No, that's criminally insane.

The University Council will vote on the Fall 2017 start as seen here (auto download PDF, so don't click on it unless ya want to). The 2016-2017 academic year (this coming Fall) will break the previous record by starting on the 11th, which is too friggin early. The 10th, even worse. I've written of this before, but I've recreated the table from the post to include the new (proposed) data. See below.

Year Start
2017-2018 10th (proposed)
2016-2017 11th
2015-2016 17th
2014-2015 18th
2013-2014 12th
2012-2013 13th
2011-2012 15th
2010-2011 16th
2009-2010 17th
2008-2009 18th
2007-2008 16th
2006-2007 16th
2005-2006 18th

At this rate, if the trend continues, we'll soon begin Fall Semester in July.

Oh ... this just hit me. This coming Fall we start on a Thursday (stupid) and Fall 2017 we also start on a Thursday (still stupid). That may explain the early times.

It's still stupid to start on a Thursday.

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