Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Neighborhood

We've lived in the same Athens, Georgia, house since May 1992. Above is our small neighborhood with our place circled for you budding stalkers out there. Nice little house that got small as our kids grew into their teens but now is again the perfect size. Plus we back up to a park.

So why am I blogging about this?

No reason, other than I downloaded the historical data for my neighborhood, with special attention to sales (I just discovered how to do it). In other words, it's Hollander yet again messing with data. And I found something I didn't realize, how often some houses in my neighborhood have sold from 1989 to 2015 (no sales yet this year).
  • Two houses have sold six times, one across the street from another (not my street).
  • Three houses have sold five times, two on my street.
  • Three houses have sold four times.
  • The rest are two sales except for five houses (including ours) with only one sale. We're the original owners.
The average (mean) sales price of houses over all this time is $108,359 (median, $104K). The range is from $68,500 to $169,000. Here's an interesting factoid: the house that sold for the most is also the most expensive in the neighborhood, though unfortunately for the most recent buyer that sales price is some $30K more than its present valuation. Ouch. Yes, it was bought just five months before the September 2008 crash. Dumb bad luck.

Another day, I download the Athens downtown data.

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