Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Who Is UGA's New VP of Marketing and Communications?

UGA has announced it's new VP of (sorry, but it's their title) Marketing and Communications. So who is Karri Hobson-Pape? You can read the official press release here, but I had a few minutes to kill so I did a quick-and-dirty check on her.

Here's her Pinterest page. Not a lot of pinning going on here. Her Facebook page is equally as interesting. And Twitter, that powerful marketing and communications tool? There are two possibilities.

Here's one. It's the most likely.

Here's the other.

Neither bode well for a marketing expert. The more likely of the two has no tweets. None. Zero. In marketing and communications.

But don't worry. She's on MySpace.

Yeah, I feel a lot better now.

Basically it seems she's created lots of accounts on every possible social media outlet, and done little or nothing with any of them. Then again, that's why you have interns. And here's my favorite (so far). She's mentioned in a book entitled Supercharge Your Social Media Strategies. I'll just let that one slide. Too easy. And in fairness, she has a much fuller LinkedIn page, which makes sense in the business world.

So what's a VP of Marketing and Communications pay? No idea of her salary. Her predecessor, Tom Jackson, made $187,761, but Jackson was here forever. Then again, she's coming out of the private sector, so there's no way to say. What's more interesting is how the communications folks will change, if at all, with a "marketing" theme to the department. It's a more modern, which isn't necessarily better, approach to pushing the University's message. We'll see.

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