Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Not so Libertarian after all

In the 2012 election, Clarke County (where I live, in Georgia) ranked #1 among all 159 counties in the percentage of votes for a Libertarian candidate (2.4 percent). The second highest was at 2 percent.

My how times change.

In the 2014 election, Clarke County ranked only in a tie for 67th place with 2.4 percent of all votes cast being cast for a Libertarian candidate. Essentially the same percentage as in 2012, but everyone else moved up. Tops was Whitfield County at 4.6 percent.

What do we make of this? Nothing, really. We're talking a handful of percentage points, a semi-random bit of data, but I do admit I'm surprised to see Clarke tumble so far down the list in the 2014 data. Whitfield, for example, was tied for 44th in 2012, so clearly some local aspect to the elections can affect this.

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