Friday, September 18, 2015

Who Won? More Info Out

There were some post-GOP-debate crap polls (one had Trump winning. Really?), and now we're sseeing a semi-crap poll emerge to tell us what we already know -- Carly Fiorina did damn well in the marathon CNN debate. The One America/Gravis poll results are below. Comment follows.

I think even the most casual of viewers agree Fiorina "won" the debate. She had the most to gain, after all, given her modest standing, and Trump had the most to lose given his lead in general and state-specific polls. Oddly, this is a robo-poll (they generally suck, stick only to landlines), and was weighted by gender but apparently nothing else. Again, odd to weight only on that.

So, does a debate matter? See the graphic below.

Yes, Fiorina ties Trump in the "who ya for?" question. Fascinating. Will it stick? I'm betting no, not when her time at Hewlett-Packard is truly exposed for what it was. But it makes for a fun time now, so let's go with it. Plus it's been my theory all along that she'll make a good VP candidate whose sole job is to bulldog Hillary Clinton throughout a general election campaign.

We're still waiting for a quality gold-standard poll (calls to landline AND cell phones, by humans and not SkyNet) to come out and clarify matters.

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