Thursday, September 17, 2015

SLOPs, R&B Style

A local bar raised its entry age to 25 (on certain nights), which rightly infuriates students who coincidentally happen to be under the age of 25. I get that. The Red & Black has reported this and had this column criticizing the move. I don't really care, but included in the column is a question asking "Do you agree with Our Take?"

In other words, an online poll. Or what we in the public opinion biz call a SLOP, a self-selected opinion poll -- which is OK, if labeled as non-scientific and not taken seriously. Here are the results.

So "I don't care" is ahead. I'm proud of the apathy demonstrated here. But what's missing? Can you guess? How many people participated. I voted twice and pushed the results from 37.8 to 39.1 percent for "I don't care." That means there are damn few respondents and a few votes can seriously swing the results.

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Jade Graham said...

I like the Braxton guesses. It seems the blind was written with their reality show in mind. site