Sunday, September 20, 2015

UGA Admins and Twitter

While playing around Saturday with who follows The Donald on Twitter, I got to wondering about various University of Georgia administrators (where I work) and their Twitter use. Let's take a brief look.

President Jere Morehead. The most likely Twitter account for the prez is this one below, @JereMorehead, but it's a protected account, which seems odd for the president of a public university. Really?

OK, how about the provost, Pamela Whitten, who comes originally from a communications college. She'll be a bit more of the modern social media world, right? There are a lot of folks by that name. I'm fairly certain she's not @Pamsmiles ("Share kindness, help someone find their smile"). Little about the provost makes folks at UGA smile. There is this one, again protected (really? and 1 whole tweet?).

I could go through all the other UGA vice presidents but let's face it, every year there are more and more of them. Some are actually active on Twitter. Good for them.Let's go back to President Morehead. A good guy, have kinda sorta known him for a long time here at UGA (coming up on my 25th year here). Is this really his account? I did find this tweet at his account.
Would the UGA alumns in Atlanta know this is his account? Maybe, maybe not. Could simply be a guess. Three students (it seems) also tweeted at this account since 2014. My own guess is the admin creates these accounts and they lie dormant just so someone can't create a parody account. That's PR 101 -- protect the boss at all costs.

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