Friday, September 4, 2015

I should be grading, but ...

Instead of grading, I'm fiddling with UGA data on -- believe it or not -- restrooms. I've done this before, but the data's been freshened and I thought I'd toss out a few semi-interesting tidbits. Keep in mind these data are from UGA.

  • The average size of male versus female restrooms is about the same. Women's lavatories (as it's described in the data) average 157.6 square feet. Men's, 148.7 square feet. So Women 1, Men 0.
  • On a related note, there are 413 female public restrooms listed, and 400 male restrooms. So make that Women 2, Men 0.
  • Favorite categories. There are a couple of restrooms coded as "corridors" and a couple listed as "stairways." No, I have no idea what the hell that means. Not gonna go there.
  • Some older buildings, if you're in a wheelchair, you're shit out of luck. Baldwin Hall, for example, has 18 listed bathrooms, with 17 listed as "non-access" for wheelchairs and the other one listed as "unknown." Joe Brown Hall has 12 restrooms, none wheelchair accessible.
  • A number of other buildings have a least a couple of wheelchair-accessible restrooms. Take Environmental Health Sciences, for example. It has 10 listed restrooms, with two as wheelchair accessible. Less shit out of luck there, I suppose, than Baldwin Hall.
  • In all, of the 1,939 restrooms in the data, 130 are not wheelchair accessible. An even thousand are listed as accessible, the other 809 as "unknown." Not so bad when you consider the age and construction style of many of the older campus buildings.
  • The smallest bathroom on central campus is 15 square feet. It's 101A in something called the "locomo diag center," which looks like the Vet school. There are two bathrooms listed at something called the Attapulgus Research Farm that are 9 square feet. No idea where that is.
  • The largest bathroom on campus is obvious. It's at the football stadium, a whopping 1,219 square feet. All of the biggest restrooms are at athletic facilities.

A quick caveat on the data. I didn't take the time to exclude UGA property not on the central campus. As such, this includes a few odd-and-end places, like agricultural facilities on College Station, etc.

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