Thursday, February 12, 2015

Best Paid UGA Faculty

And in my final post on UGA salaries (see previous days for other stuff), I look at the best paid faculty who are not also administrators (deans, departmeht heads, etc.).

Now keep in mind that the top salaries belong to the UGA president, a few coaches, and you have to get to #11 for the first professor who is not in charge of a department or college. In that case, he holds an endowed chair -- in the business school -- which explains the hefty salary. As is the second highest, also a chair, also in the biz school. Sigh. And the third. You see a trend here? And yes, the fourth highest salaried professor is also a chair in ... wait for it ... the business school. And the fifth name? Yup, she's in the Terry College as well. It goes on that way for a while. I got bored checking but you have to go down the list a ways to find, yes, someone from the law school where, if you publish two law review articles, that'll get you tenure.

Professor Name
Salary 2014
Jason Colquitt
Stephen Baginski
Sundar Bharadwaj
John Hulland
Sales Management
Annett Poulsen
Banking and Finance

Where's the data from? The State of Georgia makes it available online. Look for yourself.  And in fairness, if we had a medical college tied to the university, like UF, odds are those salaries would top the list. 

Oh, and I am the 1,240th best paid employee at UGA. Fear me.

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