Monday, December 1, 2014

We're #15 ... in sexual health

The Red & Black reports today that UGA has dropped three spots (to #15) in Trojan's ninth annual sexual health report card. Yes, apparently the condom maker issues a report card. On sexual health. And apparently it's done this in eight previous years.  So how do you rank schools in terms of their "sexual health?"  As The R&B explains:
It considers such factors as access to information about safe sexual practices, access to and affordability of sexually transmitted infection testing, outreach programs, information available on health center websites and information provided about sexual assault, among others.
Which all makes sense and is readily quantifiable. You can click and read the PDF from Trojan here (though you can want to wear a condom when you do so).  If you prefer safe surfing, I'll summarize. First, let's look at the top schools:
  1. Oregon State
  2. Texas
  3. Maryland
  4. Arizona
  5. Stanford
And then there's a bottom 10. Oh yeah. They are, in order of worst to near worst:

140. Brigham Young
139. Providence College
138. Chicago State University
137. Troy State University (now Troy University)
136. Louisiana Tech

Savannah State, in Georgia where I live, finished 133rd.  As to methodology, on page 4 of the PDF you'll find a nice long list of factors they take into account. It's hard to argue with them. Page 5 begins the list of all 140 schools. Georgia is the most sexually healthy of the SEC schools, followed by Florida (20th) and South Carolina (29th). Apparently the SEC East is sexually more healthy than the SEC West. Alabama (#30) leads the West.

Oh, and Tennessee is the worst of the SEC teams, coming in at 128th (just after, heh, Notre Dame).

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