Monday, December 1, 2014

More on Subs and Pubs

I wrote yesterday about the Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly data on subs and pubs listed in the new issue. Now that I have a little time, I elaborate with more details. As you fondly recall, I looked Sunday at the number of submissions and publications over time at our field's flagship academic journal, and I even created a statistic to see which schools did the best. Texas, for example, had the most submissions between 1993-2013, but Michigan State had the most publications. The most efficient school, according to my data, was Indiana.

See the graphic below. On the bottom (x-axis) is the number of subs for each school, on the y-axis is the number of pubs. As you'd expect, the schools that send the most, publish the most (zero-order correlation is .72, for you nerds out there).

Or, if I wanted to fit a linear line to the data, it'd look like below:

I'm sure I could do other magic with the data, but let's stop now.

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