Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Searching for "J-school"

Search for "j-school" via Google (while not logged into Google, GMail, etc., and the first entry, of course, is the wikipedia article on "journalism school." After that, you get a list of schools and other stuff, all 588,000 hits. Where the school is listed below, it's the main site.
  1. UC Berkeley
  2. UNC
  3. Missouri
  4. CUNY
  5. Columbia
  6. Kansas
  7. CUNY's Twitter account
  8. Florida's Twitter account
  9. Wisconsin
  10. A MOOC I've never heard of
I gave up looking for my own j-school (Grady, at UGA). I'm sure we're there somewhere. Eventually. And it's kinda funny that UF's Twitter account appears via Google before the college site.

By the third page you start to get articles that use the term "j-school" in them, often in a disparaging manner, but not always so. Me, I'm a fan of the word.

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