Friday, October 10, 2014

The Rudest Drivers

I love funky polls. Here's one that attempts to list the rudest drivers by state. Because the web page is a bit flaky, I've recreated the table below. Idaho of all places is considered the rudest and is most hated by people from Arizona. The fact the two states don't border baffles the hell out of me, but let's move on.

Georgia (where I live) ranks 25th in rudeness, and Florida folks find Georgians the most rude. Not coincidentally, Florida ranks 23rd in rudeness and Georgians find Floridians the most rude. The two states also disagree on important matters like football and water, so driving is no surprise.

Finally -- Hawaii drivers are hated most by people in Kansas? WTF?

The states with the rudest drivers -- and the states that hate them most

Rude rank State Most hated by drivers from:
1 Idaho Arizona
2 Washington, D.C. Maryland
3 New York California
4 Wyoming Montana
5 Massachusetts New Hampshire
6 Delaware Georgia
6 Vermont California
8 New Jersey New York
9 Nevada California
10 Utah California
11 Alaska Arizona
12 Louisiana Texas
13 Connecticut New Jersey
14 Rhode Island Massachusetts
15 Iowa Illinois
16 Oklahoma Texas
17 California Texas
18 Alabama Georgia
19 Arkansas California
20 Mississippi Tennessee
21 Colorado California
21 New Mexico Texas
23 Florida Georgia
24 Ohio Kentucky
25 Georgia Florida
25 Illinois Wisconsin
27 Texas California
28 Hawaii Kansas
28 Kansas Missouri
28 Virginia North Carolina
28 West Virginia Pennsylvania
32 Kentucky Ohio
32 Maryland Pennsylvania
34 Arizona California
35 Michigan Ohio
36 Indiana Illinois
37 Pennsylvania New Jersey
38 Tennessee Alabama
39 Missouri Kansas
39 South Carolina North Carolina
41 South Dakota Texas
42 North Carolina South Carolina
43 Washington Oregon
44 Nebraska Pennsylvania
45 Wisconsin Illinois
46 Oregon California
47 Minnesota Wisconsin
48 Montana District of Columbia
48 New Hampshire Minnesota
50 Maine Maryland
51 North Dakota Michigan
Source:, based on a survey of 2,000 drivers in July 2014.

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