Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Douchiest Schools

UGA is the only SEC representative to the latest GQ list of "douchiest schools," coming in at #13. A plus? A minus? Hard to say, just as it's hard to say anything at all about how they came up with the list. It is categorized as entertainment and humor, after all, so ya can't take it too seriously.

There's a The Red & Black story, where I first learned of this year's list, or you can go through the list here and wait forever to work your way through click after click to see the rankings and soak up their advertising. Or you can just read them below and at the bottom see the entry for UGA.

The Douchiest List
  1. Brown
  2. Duke (always should be #1)
  3. Princeton
  4. Harvard (that's three out of four Ivy)
  5. Deep Springs (huh?)
  6. Bob Jones (well, yeah)
  7. Amherst
  8. Rollins
  9. Charter College Wasilla (again, huh?)
  10. Colorado
  11. NYU
  12. University of Phoenix (online douches)
  13. University of Georgia (go Douche Dawgs?)
  14. Arizona State
  15. Notre Dame
  16. USC (bust those Trojans)
  17.  University of Chicago
  18. Boston University
  19. Ohio State (should be higher)
  20. Morehouse
  21. Trinity (seems sacrilegious)
  22. Vassar
  23. Randolph-Macon
  24. Texas
  25. Virginia
As for UGA, you can read below their brief explanation. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I've been here 23 years and either I'm missing something or this list deserves #1 on the Douchiest Lists List. You tell me.

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