Thursday, October 30, 2014

Guys & Dolls -- in UGA Majors

While doing something else with the data, I decided to look at UGA majors and their gender breakdown. In other words, what majors are mostly female, what majors are mostly male? My analysis is based on Fall 2013 data, the latest I have at my fingertips. Setting aside the majors with fewer than 10 people, the winners are ... well, a lot of 'em. These include all levels, from undergrad to grad.

Majors 100 Percent Female

Foods and Nutrition (MS)
Furnishings and Interiors
Reading Education
Special Education
Textiles, Merchandising & Interiors

As you can see above, these all-female majors are located in two colleges (Family and Consumer Sciences and Education). I doubt this really surprises anyone. Okay, what about the guys? Where are they?

Majors 100 Percent Male

Turfgrass Management

That's it, just one, at least among majors with 10 or more students. In the also-ran categories are Computer Systems Engineering (6.9 percent female), Physics (8.0 percent female), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (9.1 percent female), and Engineering (9.1 percent female). Wow, see a STEMish trend above? Of course you do, because my tens of readers worldwide are quick to grasp the data.

"Yeah yeah," you say, "Hollander always focuses on the negative. Are there any balanced majors?" Glad you asked.

Majors 50 Percent Both Gender

Animal and Dairy Science
Applied Biotechnology
Educational Psychology
General Business
National Resource Recreation & Tourism
Interdisciplinary Studies
Marine Sciences
Plant Pathology
Science Education
Social Studies Eeducation
Workforce Education

There's no real trend above that I can see. It's an interesting mix of science and education and even some business tossed into the mix.

If I had time, I'd look at trends over time. But as you may know the Georgia-Florida game is this Saturday and down here we start drinking early to properly prepare ourselves. It's our burden.

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