Monday, March 10, 2014

UGA Bracketology

It's March, and that means brackets. Here, I've taken all the schools and colleges at UGA and tossed them into a bracket to see who wins. Below are the first round match-ups:
  • Social Work vs Pharmacy: Yes, the pharm folks have the drugs, mostly because they work for big companies while the social work folks work for next to nothing and for the better good. As crazy as the social worker types can be, it's hard to pull against them.
  • Engineering vs Law: A match-up of heavyweights. No one likes lawyers, kinda like no one likes Duke, so I'm betting on the engineers even if you'd get a better program at a school just down the road a bit.
  • Education vs Vet Med. Teachers vs puppies and kittens? No contest.
  •  Ag and Environmental Sciences vs Business. Another school (biz) that (like Duke) no one likes. I'm betting the crowd gets behind the CAES folks and they pull the upset. Plus they do actual research.
  • Environment & Design vs Public Health. It's hard to pick here, the folks who help make us better versus the folks who make nice things to look at.
  • Journalism & Mass Comm vs Law. No one ever pulls for the lawyers, but then again no one pulls for journalists either. Those with the money win, and that's not journalists.
  • Ecology vs Forestry. Talk about dream match-ups, the tree huggers and the folks with saws face off in a grudge match with druids everywhere eager for one outcome versus the other.
  • Arts & Sciences vs SPIA. Franklin A&S is so big and so fat and so comfortable that I smell an upset by the upstart SPIAnistas, who are hungry.
So, how it'd all turn out? Go here and see my final bracket and the ultimate winner.

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Karen Russell said...

ADPR could beat law but I guess you don't count us as part of Grady.