Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Anthony Weiner has apparently sexted again.  A press conference is scheduled soon.

Yeah, so who sexts?

According to this 2010 Pew study, only 6 percent of U.S. adults sent a sexually explicit text to someone else (3 percent forwarded one).  Fifteen percent have received one.  I have not.  Damn.

By age, it looks like below with a high of 10 percent age 25 to 34 admitting saying they sexted.

Unfortunately the numbers are too small to explore what factors predict the likelihood to sext -- other than being a disgraced congressman (and now mayoral candidate) from New York, that is.  As Pew notes:
Men and women are equally likely to send sexts, although male cell owners are a bit more likely than women to say that they have received these types of images on their phones (18% of male cell owners and 12% of female cell owners have done so). Men are also a bit more likely to forward these messages to others compared with women (5% of male cell owners and 2% of female cell owners have forwarded a sext to someone else).

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