Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Screwed by an Academic Journal

An interesting survey from Pew just hit online, this about how Latinos get their news (English or Spanish) and their attitudes about this news.
When it comes to the accuracy of news reporting, Hispanics are just as likely to say Spanish-language news organizations and English-language news organizations “get the facts straight” in their news stories and reports.
Why is my title above "screwed by an academic journal?"  Because I did similar research, sent it to the journal years ago, and the editor sat on the study until last week I finally, in frustration, pulled the thing.  Did the editor apologize for fucking up?  No.  Instead, the editor asked if I'd read for the journal.  I did not respond.  More on my frustration here, if you care to read it.

Notice how I nicely did not identify the journal, not even the gender of the editor?  If you care, I'll tell you privately.

I did at least get a conference paper out of the study, and I have fresh data that would really make a new version good -- but I have two other studies in my queue to finish.  Not sure I'll get to it.

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