Friday, July 19, 2013

So There's This Study ...

There's this study I'd love to read but, for the life of me, even with my UGA super password and access, I cannot get. Why am I telling you this?  Because I'll never get back the half-hour I just wasted trying every trick to read the paper.  It's in a journal called Political Analysis.  The article title is:

An Analysis of ANES Items and Their Use
in the Construction of Political Knowledge Scales 

Which is stuff I do. Exactly what I do, with the data (ANES) I do it with.  The abstract is kinda in English though not at all in English unless you're a numbers nerd and PhDweeb.  The point seems to be the ANES (American National Election Studies) items are crap, but a subset can be less crappy, but really we should think of the measure as more of a "latent variable" rather than "cause or formative indicators."  Simply put, the measures suck.  Or so they say.  It's hard to say from the abstract.

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