Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally ... a Real Poll on the Zimmerman Verdict (sorta)

There were numerous sloppy media pseudo-polls after the Zimmerman verdict (see examples and my comments here and here), but finally we have what appears to be a real poll, even if it is by Rasmussen.  The results?
  • 48 percent of U.S. adults agreed with the verdict
  • 34 percent disagreed
  • 18 percent somehow remained undecided
I was close.  I guessed, once a real poll emerged, it'd be between 45 and 55 percent in favor of the verdict. More men than women agreed with the verdict.  Republicans strongly agreed with the not guilty verdict, Democrats disagreed.  No surprise there.  The poll also breaks it down by race but I caution you to not pay much attention to that number given the small sample size of minorities likely included here.

The poll was of 1,000 adults but I can't tell, at a casual glance, how the survey was conducted (robo-call, Internet-based, what?), so figure only a hundred or so blacks.  Hence, beware of race breakdowns unless the survey includes an oversample.  This one does not.

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