Monday, December 5, 2011

Year in Review (of Twitter)

You may or may not be addicted to Twitter, but the micro-blogging site has up its Year in Review that you may find interesting and just a little bit frightening.  It's a lit of the hot topics on Twitter in 2011.

From a news standpoint, this "world  news" category differs in important ways from the list of most searched via Bing and Yahoo (comparison here).  Twitter is more international, which makes sense.  Bing is the most U.S.-centric, again not a surprise.

Of the odder lists on the hot Twitter topics is the "food and drink" category.  McLobster?  Fried Kool-Aid?  On "movies" #1 is Thor (not half bad), followed by movies ranging from mediocre to good.  On music, you know it had to be that "Friday" song as most mentioned followed by people/bands best left ignored.

Keep in mind the Twitter list doesn't mean positive, it just means mentions.  Hence the "Friday" song playing so prominently.  Read the list yourself via the link above.

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