Friday, December 2, 2011

Top Cable News Programs (Fox, Fox, and Fox)

Fox News dominates the top cable news program audience numbers, according to this HuffPo story.  Hell, all Top Ten programs are on Fox News.  Double hell, Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly is #1 and a rerun of his show is #9.  The talking heads of CNN and MSNBC can't even beat reruns of O'Reilly.

But if you read the story, you'll see there's been a drop in the Fox audience and a rise in audience counts for the other networks.  This may be a simple ceiling effect for Fox (the news audience is only so big and when you dominate, you can only really go down), or it may signal something more telling, such as Fox Fatigue.  I doubt the latter, lean toward the former.  As the GOP presidential nomination fight continues, it's hard for me to see Fox losing much in terms of audience.

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