Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Can't Not Watch

It's easy to say, as in this survey, that the news media focused too much last week on the royal wedding and Obama's birth certificate fiasco.  Yep, easy to say.

But watch we did.

In the Pew survey, nearly two-thirds say there was too much royal wedding coverage.  In part this can be explained by the fact there indeed was goo much royal wedding coverage.  It can also be explained by the fact our own weddings got no such coverage.  And finally, it can be explained by the eerie similarities between the royal wedding and that seen on The Princess Bride.

And over half of those surveyed said the Obama birth certificate nonsense got too many pixels, too much time, and too much ink.  But again, could you not watch?

The news is like this.  We grow frustrated by too much coverage while being unable to stop watching or reading all the coverage.

Let's be fair, though.  The royal wedding was third in total news coverage, following the storms that raked the South and oil/gas prices.  Then came the problems in the Middle East.  Then Obama and the Birthers (good name for a pop band).  In other words, the complaints are more a matter of perception than reality.  Perception, though, always matters more. 

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