Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Civic Knowledge

I'd blogged earlier about this, but here's another recent story about the problems of college kids not knowing much of anything about civics or government.  The theme is how to do you teach basic political science and government when students are so ill prepared?

I kinda love this line:
That many children don’t know how government works is one of the many things wrong with the American educational system, “But it’s not my main priority,” she (Anna Law) said. “I know it sounds strange coming from a political science professor.”

And you can see her point.   She's got so much else to work on, such as a decline in writing and critical thinking skills, that the nuts-and-bolts of government seem almost too mundane to deal with.

You can download the entire report about how young people are doing when it comes to civic engagement and knowledge.  It's here.

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