Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twitter = Navel Gazing?

The top story among journalists last week was the economy, followed by the Iceland volcano.

The top story among bloggers last week was the Iceland volcano and the Polish plane crash.

The top story on Twitter last week?  Google.  Followed by Twitter.


So the Twitterverse basically spends most of its time talking either about Google or about itself.  Twitter was also, strangely, concerned about something called an "immortal soul clause" in a game's terms and conditions.  NASA, real actual news, comes in next on Twitter, followed by "online music."  In other words, Twitter is a Twit.

Details here.


Karen Russell said...

There really isn't such as thing as a Twitterverse for the individual participant. Rather, there are twitter streams which vary by user. My PR/mktg oriented stream was full of Google last week, the iPad before that. My book review/publishing stream had almost nothing about either of those. Not really sure how meaningful the aggregates are, since a lot of tech and marketing types use Twitter.

Hollander said...

Aggregates always matter. Well, they matter if they provide me with material to make fun of Twitter (which is easy to do, I admit, but I needed to feed the blog). Twitter is kinda the "Dancing with American Idol" of the Internet.

I guess the numbers represent all the streams, but it's weird and maybe a little telling that people on Twitter would talk so much about ... Twitter?

Karen Russell said...

Oh, and journalists NEVER talk about journalism.

Hollander said...

Journalism is all we talk about. Hell, what else is there to talk about?