Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hits of the Day

A few tidbits from the Net on what people know (or think they know).
  • "If more Americans knew what was included in the healthcare reform law, more may support it, a U.S. survey indicates." Story here.
  • "Middle-schoolers who are forbidden to watch R-rated movies are less likely to start drinking than peers whose parents are more lenient about such films, new research on 2,406 children shows." Story here.
  • "According to a survey from Drug and Therapeutic Bulletin, many doctors are not very well informed on the subject of herbal medicines, and many don't want to be." Story here
I am the aggregator.

Okay, not a complete aggregator, and I have a system that scours the web for stuff like this, most of which I toss because I either don't understand it or it doesn't fit.  Mostly because I don't understand it.  On the three above, a few words.  The first, about health care (why one word?), this is not surprising.  People react to a phrase or a global term and Obamacare and all its scary alternatives are worse than when you break the law down to its basics.  Then people nod and say, "yeah, that's okay."  On the second, this one is kinda cool.  Who the hell lets a middle-schooler watch an R movie in the first place?  Idiots, who also don't teach their kids about drinking.  The final one I'm torn about, because honestly I don't want my doctor thinking about herbal medicines.  I want the good stuff.  The strong stuff.  Stuff from major pharmaceutical companies that feed the profit engine of the U.S.  Or at least were tested.

All are good examples of either knowledge, perceived knowledge, or a lack of knowledge.  Or in the case of R-rated movies, bad parenting. 

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