Saturday, August 8, 2009

Journalism Jobs

In a shout out, colleagues Lee Becker and Tudor Vlad released the annual job and salary survey this week at AEJMC. Becker's been doing this survey forever, or at least since about 1986 (same thing, right?). There are various stories about the survey -- Editor & Publisher has one, for example, as does U.S. News and World Report and one of my favorite publications, The Red & Black. The lede is the same: bad news for journalism/mass comm grads when it comes to jobs and money. PR grads have the best chance of finding a job. Journalism, not so much. According to the report:
"Only six in 10 of the graduates had full-time employment six to eight months after graduation," noted the UGA researchers in the report. That is the lowest level of full-time employment reported in the 23-year modern history of the annual survey.
The complete report is available here. Read it and weep.

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