Monday, April 20, 2009

Global Weather Change

Yes, the Earth is warming -- or rather, the weather is becoming wildly unpredictable but at key points it is warming, melting the polar icecap, and wrecking eventual havoc on coastal cities and whole nations that happen to lie just above sea level. And recent scientific studies that examine ice samples from thousands of years ago confirm that this event is unique, not cyclical, and can only be explained by gases we've created.

In an example of what people don't know -- I give you science.

A new study by Pew finds that somehow Christian evangelicals skipped science class. Thirty-one percent don't think the Earth is warming, despite what nearly every reputable scientist in the field says. I know Republicans hate science, and the stupid evolution debate has long proved that Christian conservatives hate science, but now you have to wonder if they also hate the Earth as well.

Dumb. Plain dumb. Inexplicably dumb. On a lot of topics I can present balance, but as a practicing Christian who attends church every Sunday I draw the line here with, well, the truly dumb, dumber, and dumbest. The graph shows who they are.

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