Saturday, September 27, 2008

The First Debate

I've little time today to blog on this as I busily cab kids to various Saturday activities, but ya just can't let the first presidential debate slide by unblogged.

My sense? Obama wins first half, McCain wins second half. Edge to McCain, as if it matters. I'll be more interested in studies of what people learned from the first debate. I doubt very little since the two of them kept close to their script, though it's surprising how few people have been keeping up so some of what they said will be new to viewers.

There were a few points scored, but the only people who noticed were pundits and partisans, people who need to get lives and focus on more important topics -- such as the Georgia-Alabama game tonight. Failing economy? Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Presidential election? Pfffft. Football!

I'll look for any snap polls later today, perhaps comment on them, depending on the football game.

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